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Concrete Canvas | Available in Perth

Concrete Canvas Shelters are rapidly deployable hardened shelters that require only water and air for construction. Patents have been filed.

Concrete Canvas Shelters (CCS) have two major advantages over conventional tented shelter:
Operational: CCS enable a hardened structure from day one of an operation. They provide much better environmental protection, increased security and vastly improved medical capability.

Financial: CCS have a design life of over 10 years, whereas tents wear out rapidly and must then be replaced. CCS are a one stop solution, saving effort and cost over the lifetime of medium to long term operations.

The key to CCS is the use of inflation to create a surface that is optimised for compressive loading. This allows thin walled concrete structures to be formed which are both robust and lightweight. CCS consist of a revolutionary cement based composite fabric (Concrete Cloth) bonded to the outer surface of a plastic inner which forms a Nissen-Hut shaped structure once inflated.

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Other Uses:

CC can be used in erosion control applications such as temporary and permanent slope protection, retaining walls, boulder fences, low level bunds and river bank and dam revetments.

Download Extra Concrete Canvas PDF’s below:

Concrete Cloth Concrete Canvas

Concrete Cloth Data Sheet